Hoydick Spells Out Priorities in Letter to the Editor

My husband Paul and I have lived in Stratford our entire lives. It’s where we chose to buy a home, raise our three daughters, and where we learned the spirit of volunteerism that has defined our lives here.

I am running for mayor because I care deeply about our town, its residents and our future. I believe I have the essential experience and skills to move Stratford forward through the challenging times we are in. I believe that our team of united candidates can make a change for the good, while returning much-needed civility to the transaction of the town’s business.

My primary priority is addressing our property tax burden. I have a proven record of fighting tax hikes like those of Governor Malloy that have cost our state jobs, businesses, and skilled workers. Our team will address the tax burden of Stratford residents by first, working to ensure Stratford receives its fair share of state aid that the governor has threatened to eliminate, and then supporting a no-tax-increase budget at the local level – a real no-tax-increase budget that doesn’t invent savings, build in deficits, devastate essential and priority services and cause future tax increases like the error-riddled budgets recently passed by the council. Our budget will be transparent and responsibly fund operations, public safety and education services. We will strive to achieve savings through collaboration between the town and the Board of Education by maximizing the operating efficiency of all our departments.

Our additional priorities include completing the process of getting the Army Engine Plant property on the tax rolls, and completing the Raymark soil contamination remediation which is critical to the environment and health of Stratford residents. We will revitalize the Shakespeare Theater property, restoring it as a cultural hub in our community through private investment. We will redevelop Ferry Boulevard in concert with residents and business owners and complete the Exit 33 interchange to provide better access and travel for all in Stratford.

I am hoping I can earn your support in the election on November 7, and that you’ll contact me with any thoughts or concerns.

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