Hoydick Earns Republican Nomination for Mayor

STRATFORD – In a packed convention held this evening at the Mill River Country Cub, Stratford Republicans officially nominated Laura Hoydick as their candidate to be the next mayor of the Town of Stratford. Hoydick was overwhelmingly selected by a vote of 48-4.

Hoydick, who is currently serving as state representative for the 120th General Assembly district, was chosen by members of the Stratford Republican Town Committee to receive the Republican endorsement for the office of Mayor in the general election being held November 7th. Hoydick addressed the enthusiastic and well-attended convention, laying out priorities for local government.

“I am extremely grateful and humbled by the support I have received tonight by town Republicans as their choice for the next mayor of our great town of Stratford,” said Hoydick. “There are many tremendous challenges facing Stratford, and we are at a critical time in this town’s history. Our decisions today will have deep and lasting implications for our future generations, so it’s important that we get it right. That starts with an overhaul of the way our town government conducts itself. We need to have more respect for our town and that starts with showing more respect for those who serve in government along with us. I believe in working together across divides - I have done it in my previous service in local government, I do it in my current service in state government, and that’s how I intend to work as your mayor.”

Hoydick said she is looking forward to a spirited comparison of ideas and records between candidates as the race for mayor moves into its next phase. “I am very much looking forward to meeting every voter I can in the coming months to talk about our vision for this town, and the record I have that demonstrates I can work alongside others to accomplish these goals for all of us,” she said.

Among those important goals that Hoydick noted are keeping local taxes low, providing a responsive and responsible government in Town Hall, support of Stratford’s schools and education system, and essential economic development projects including conversion of the former Army Engine Plant and finally seeing the proposed Exit 33 project off I-95 completed. She also expressed support for the revitalizing the iconic Shakespeare Theater.

“The overwhelming amount of support in our community to make Laura Hoydick the next Mayor of Stratford was reflected in the strength of the vote she received,” said Lou DeCilio, Chairman of the Stratford Republican Town Committee. “She’s more than the Republican candidate – she’s the peoples’ candidate, and we are looking forward to supporting her every step of the way until victory in November.”

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